1950 - 1969

16,5 x 22 cm
I can no longer precisely recall the moment when I painted my first picture on a piece of cartboard from a shoebox, that windly late afternoon with a kite flying in the heavy skies, children by the open fire and cattle grazing. I only remember my longing to paint that autum experience. Childhood impresion are especially deeply engraved on the soul.
My mother
45 x 31,5 cm
1943. It is war. I am in my sixth year and dad is dying of tuberculosis of the lung. After the war I and my mother go regularly for X-rays. Once I cannot resist and I look into the dim room. The visual perception af the glowing blue-green square in which mother's heart beats is unforgettable for me. Perhaps this image from my youth also affects my work. I always want to penetrate into the ivisible world inside a person. In this unique world I can regroup shapes in line with what I am living through and what I want to say. It is exciting to move in an area of imagination and multiple rneanings.
My Grandmother"s Hands
10,5 x 33,5cm

19 x 14 cm
Young girl and an old man at a dance
66 x 70,5 cm
The ritual of the dance has so much in common with the course of life! In one short waltz - the story of life is written. The older generation give their hands to the youngest generation. They become one in the rhythm and they dance. The girl with the burgeoning breasts in lace is spinning with her grandfather. He presses her hand to his heart, to show her how it thumps...
Masked ball
65,5 x 109 cm
Like many of the other children I lernt to play the fiddle from our village roofer. Then I bought a military drum ina Prague bazaar and taught myself to play. By a series of chances it happened that I first sat down to the drums and played publicly in a small village pub at a dance evening. I played there on Saturday and Sunday for eight years during my studies.
27,5 x 48 cm
(Comedy No. 4)
dry point, mezzotint
49 x 64 cm
Lasciate orgi speranza
dry point, mezzotint
64 x 49 cm
August 1968. I am in an atelier near the Castle. The life of the whole country has been paralysed. Everywhere there are Soviet tanks, vehicles, and soldiers with loaded guns. Suddenly Jiri Masin arrives and, with his eyes full of tears, says, "Lasciate ogni speranza, abandon all hope!" After two weeks I leave with the theatre for a festival in Ireland, in Dublin, the city of Joyce. I take everything that I need for work. Here I etch a print on the theme of the inscription above the gates of hell in Dante's Divine Comedy.
Variant of Dürer"s St. Hieronymus
dry point, mezzotint
59 x 45 cm

By placing in sequence the self-portraits of Albrecht Durer I consider, for the first time, the theme of the portrait in time. Later I develop this theme in a larger cycle.