In 2014 year was finished cooperation with Prague 6th.
The exposition was moved to a new gallery in Anderle's native town Pavlíkov.
These sites are only for information and reminder.

Permanent exhibition

In November 2003 was found in Prague 6 ( Czech republic ) Cultural centrum in new restorated Pellé villa. In its rooms is here established standing exhibition Anderle's creation and his collection of primary African art.
Conteptual basis of Pelle villa is Galerie Anderle with life-work of Jiri Anderle, which face with samples of author collection primary African art. From 1960's is primary African art one of most strong sources of Anderle's inspiration. Exibition therefore hold direct line between artefacts of primary art and contemporary art. Exibitions in "Cabinet of graphic art" and gallery "In camera", which are part of Galerie Anderle try to be in harmony with main exibition. They introduce young beginers and also ripe artists.
In attic of Pelle villa is impressive collection of African sculptures ( figures, sculptural groups, fetishs, musical instruments, mascs ). Anderle broadened his collection in last 20 years strongly. Today his collection contains creactions of fundamental importance.